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Congratulations to our Graduates of Class 2023! Your hard work has indeed paid off! We are proud of you! May the road ahead be filled with success and joy as there are always for all of you.


TMLS Math Tuition Academic Year 2024 Regular Class 

"Knowledge" and "Confidence" are the key ingredients to the academic success of a child. Our programs and classes aim to enhance students' conceptual understanding and working capability towards the subject through rigorous practice, thereby successfully converting their dislike and inferiority into achievable, and in the process raising their confidence and interest.

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Your Success is What Drives Us

At The Mathify Learning Studio, we know that learning is not one size fits all. Finding the study method that suits you is the best way to ensure improvement in your scores and overall academic achievement. When learning becomes fun, motivation grows, and good results are sure to follow.


This philosophy is what makes us such a successful tuition centre. For many years, our rigorous curriculum has helped many students improved their grades in examinations. We provide excellent guidance that helps them achieve their goals.


  • Small Group Class Size

Capping our group class size to a maximum of 5 students allows teachers to provide more 1:1 attention to each student. At the same time, a small group encourages beneficial peer motivation and provides a conducive environment for students to ask question and learn from one another. 

  • Unique Methodology and Approach

At TMLS, we curate our very own notes and worksheets, with unique methodologies to help students overcome the difficulties they face in the subject. Strengthened with the expertise from our knowledgeable and meticulous Teachers, we strive to bring the best out of every child.

  • Monthly Progress Reports

We believe in strong parental support to bring the best out of a child. Besides timely two-way communication with parent, we also provide monthly reports which detail the child’s learning progress in class and monitor his or her academic progress. This is extremely useful in helping to close up learning gaps of the child in class and at home. 

teacher demostrating the mensuration of a pyramid 3 dimensional model.


My daughter did not do well for Math in Sec 1. When she was Sec 2, I enrolled her in Teacher Clarice's class and within a short span of 1 year, her Math result improved from C6 to B4 to A2. This improvement has boosted her confidence and interest in Math. Now in Sec 3, she has also made improvement in her E-Math, from WA1 to WA2, maintaining A grades. All these would not be possible without Teacher Clarice's close supervision on her, close communications with me and constant updates on my child's progress. She is really a passionate and caring Math teacher. My Sec 1 son is also in her class and I hope they can continue to enjoy Math under Teacher Clarice's tutelage.

Hui Furn (children from Hougang Sec School)

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Address: 2 Havelock Road #03-07, Havelock II, Singapore 059763

Contact Number: 9824 0258

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